Curbside Acupuncture Digital Downloads

Curbside Acupuncture Digital Downloads


All the Documents You Need to Start Your Own Curbside Acupuncture event today!  

No time to write up the forms?  Just download ALL the Curbside Acupuncture documents to get you on your way.  Most files can be edited to your needs, add your own logo, or just print them as is!  Some docs included are:   Intake Form, Informed Consent, Privacy Practices, NADA Flyer, Sample Script, Sample Follow up Email, and more.  See the full list in the details below.


In this Digital Download PACK, you will receive ALL of the following:

  • Curbside Acupuncture Intake Form
  • Informed Consent Privacy Practices
  • NADA Flyer
  • Welcome to Curbside Acupuncture for Patient
  • Sample Follow up Email
  • Sample Letter to Hospital
  • Sample Script
  • Sanitizer Label
  • Waiting-Treatment Room Signs BW-print on colored cardstock
  • Waiting-Treatment Room Signs Color
  • Aromatherapy Labels
  • Blank Label Template
  • Curbside Acupuncture Documents
  • Curbside Acupuncture Intake
  • Curbside Acupuncture Logo BLACK
  • Curbside Acupuncture Logo Color
  • Curbside Acupuncture Logo WHITE
  • Curbside Car Kit Label
  • Feel Good Tea Label
  • Flower Mint Tea Label

*** (NOTE:  It is your responsibility to edit these forms in accordance to your State & City guidelines, laws, regulations, and/ or polices, if applicable) ***