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Curbside Acupuncture is a new, safe, way for your patients and community to
access health and wellness care, while at the same time building your brand
and patient base.
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Why Curbside Acupuncture

Help Your Community

Curbside Acupuncture is a great way to offer safe treatments to your community in times of crisis-or anytime!

Trust me, they need Curbside Acupuncture!

Build Your Brand

Curbside Acupuncture gets noticed!

Build your brand by getting out into the community!

Grassroots marketing will help you stand out!

Increase Patient Count

Curbside Acupuncture patients will come back for in-clinic appointments!  Many Curbside Acupuncture patients have never had acupuncture before-this is your chance to educate them about this medicine and turn them into believers and long-term patients.

5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Curbside Acupuncture


Take the Course and Hit the Ground Running!

Set up your first Curbside Acupuncture event this weekend.

Course Modules

The full Curbside Acupuncture course is complete with 14 modules to teach you everything you need from start to finish.

  • Getting Started: Everything you need to get started with Curbside Acupuncture
  • Setting Up: What you need to know about the set up
  • Patient Paperwork (Intake, Informed Consent, HIPPA)
  • Curbside Cart: What you need for parking lot service
  • Curbside Car Kit: Everything that should be in it
  • Waiting Room/Treatment Room Signage
  • Flow: Getting your treatment flow down
  • Payment: Donation vs cash and how to accept payment
  • Promoting Curbside Acupuncture
  • Following up with Curbside Acupuncture Patients
  • Curbside Acupuncture Order Form: Upping your retail game
  • Acupuncturist Interviews to Inspire You

Short Term Benefits

During the current restrictions, Curbside Acupuncture is a great way to allow acupuncturists to continue helping their community safely.  The service is a great way to treat people who are anxious during stressful times.

It also offers a fun and unique event for people to do from the safety and comfort of their car.

Finally, it's a great way to show your support for the Front-Liners by offering Curbside Acupuncture for them as well.

Long Term Benefits

Curbside Acupuncture can be applied ongoing for years to come as a way to market your brand, get exposure, and bring in new clients!

As with any event, Curbside Acupuncture can be held at any time of the year as a way to create some hype around your business and build up your patient list.


Curbside Acupuncture Nationwide!